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You've done it!  You've found the missing puzzle piece that makes you whole. Well done you!


Now comes the fun part, having a big old love party (not in a creepy way, get your mind out of the gutter) with all of your favourite people. There are so many decisions to make: venue, flowers, cake, dress, suits, music, and most importantly, should we invite that weird uncle who always gets smashed and hits on the bridesmaids? But let's face it, the most important decision of all is who will capture this epic event with the care and attention to detail that it deserves.

Well, allow myself to introduce... myself.

  • I'm the guy who smiles the whole way through your wedding, infecting you like a laugh-inducing foot fungus.

  • I'll get fresh and funky with your images, but I'll also capture the honest moments that slip away so quickly, and make the day so precious.

  • I'm always there, but almost invisible, like an ancient samurai-ninja-warrior-sniper, ready to pounce at any moment. 

  • I take your wedding super seriously, yet bring an air of serenity and monk-like calmness. 

  • I'll bring out the bride-chilla in you.

Are you looking for a wedding photographer who will take you away for 3.5 hours, put you in a squillion poses, and tell you to smile at the camera, even though you feel like a plum duck on Christmas Eve? Well that ain't me baby. I'm there to have fun with you guys, share a laugh, impress your mother, and make sure you have the absolute best day you can ever imagine. Oh yeh, and I take some killer pics too.

Below is an example of an entire day through the eyes of Don't Say Cheese. If you're liking the flavour of my jam, then get in touch! I look forward to our inevitable friendship.

And here's some pics for good measure, click on them for delicious full-screen action. Head over to Portfolio for more:

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