The Nicks

The first time I met Nicola and Nicholas, they gave me one simple request, “All we really want is one image… just one”. I was shocked. Never have I had a couple come to me, and only want a single wedding photo. But as they went on to explain, it became quite clear. They weren’t after an album, or 500 prints, or super whizz-bang acrylic mounts to be placed in front of hydrogen lamps in order to give a glowing 3-dimensional effect, they just wanted one amazing image they could put on their wall, and treat like a piece of art.

Of course this sounded easy at first, one image is every photographer’s dream. But I soon came to realise the pressure this placed on me. It was no good to shoot thousands of good shots, useless to give them 100 great shots, and even stupider to give them one pretty darn good shot that almost cuts the mustard. No no no, this had to be great!!! I told them irregardless of how many images they wanted to print, it’s still imperative to capture the whole day, as you never know where the magic will come. And while spending only half a day with this quirky couple, the magic was flying thick and fast. 

Needless to say, I think they printed more than one image 🙂