Amanda & Cedar

Whenever I get home from a wedding, I am greeted by a loving kiss from my girlfriend, and a simple question, “Were they in love?”. Of course this seems like a ridiculous question, as every one of my couples are no doubt in love. They wish to spend the rest of their lives together, happy and faithful until death comes along like an arsehole and ruins it for everyone. But then you get some couples who are truly, madly, and blissfully in love. Hopeless romantics that I thought only existed in movies starring Colin Firth… apparently not. 

Amanda and Cedar hardly needed prompting for a single shot. They were so in love that all I had to do was put them in front of a tree and they did the rest. The touch of a hand, the arms around the waist, the staring into each other’s eyes, might seem posed to the nth degree, but all truer than something that isn’t not true. My favourite quote of the day by a female guest, “When I get married, if my husband doesn’t look at me like Cedar looked at Amanda as she came down the aisle, I’ll make him turn around and do it again”. True that.