Kristen and Charles

First and foremost, my humblest apologies for the rather unprecedented gap between blog posts! Believe me, it’s not through laziness, or not wanting to share with you my latest work, but simply because wedding season has hit me like a $2 sack of fists. It’ll still take me a while to recover, but in the mean time here’s a little wedding I shot a few weeks back.
Sometimes brides and grooms aren’t after the whole kit and kaboodle. Make-up shots and pictures of groomsmen putting their pants on take a back seat, and I simply cover the nuts and bolts. Kristen and Charles organised one of the most charming and vintage weddings I’ve ever seen. The Brookfield Hall was decorated head to toe in hand-made love. It was simply a divine sight to behold. Not to mention the massive painting hung behind the ‘alter’, painted by none other than the bride and groom. It’s these personal touches like this that make a wedding unique, and these guys were the epitome of individuality.